Rule And Conquer

01Full 01

tactical control of the battle!


of real-time and turn-based strategy!

03Innovative gameplay! 03

3D graphics of the battle!

04You choose when to fight,

without the enemy attacking you when you are out of the game!

05You have time to conduct 05

a phone conversation during the battle and still win!


your commanding skills!

Hello friends,

Probably most of you have secretly dreamed of being generals who conquer the world?

To go in battle with your troops, to make difficult decisions, pressed from time and enemy?

To prove your genius with revolutionary strategies?

Are you tired of playing games where you have to wait days to build a building or army?

Are you tired of sending your armies that you can not control in battle and everything is clear in advance?

Do you want to be independent and prove yourself without being a member of a big union?

You are in the right place. Rule And Conquer is a game with unique gameplay and innovations. Does not stick to historical events and faces, but tries to recreate the 17th-19th century military battles, allowing players to make decisions themselves and create an Empire and Name.

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